Answered: <R2> Clarification

Thank you for clarifying R2 in the new update as the previous wording, especially “significant change” was very subjective. Now that this rule violation can explicitly lead to world disqualifications, a complete understanding of its intent is very useful for maintaining within the boundaries of the rules.

Historically I have only observed reinspections after very major changes occurred that could render the new altered state illegal, such replacing an entire drive base or lift system. My observation of the update is to now include smaller changes. Knowing that this rule invokes the harshest punishment possible and that the list provided above for determining whether the modification was illegal is sparse and vague, is it expected for teams to reinspect after any change as to remain safe? Does the wold disqualification only occur after teams have denied a reinspection, or can they be revoked without any interactions whatsoever from a staff member? As this new rule includes “replacing electronic components” as a violation, will teams be allotted a grace period during the elimination rounds for reinspection if a wire/motor/motor controller replacement occurs between matches? Moreover, when a PTC test occurs during this reinspection, will teams have even more time allotted for their motors to cool back off before recompeting? I am also guessing a battery/VEXnet key is not considered an electrical component, correct?

Thank you for your clarification.

If the change adds or modifies robot functionality, such as swapping in a different lift mechanism, then yes, that is the expectation. The expectation is not to require re-inspection after minor maintenance or repairs. It is impossible to draw an exact line for this cutoff, as every robot and every need is different. If you expect to be competing in multiple configurations, we would recommend getting re-inspected in all possible configurations as early as possible.

Event disqualifications will not be handed out lightly or without “any interaction whatsoever” with a staff member. Any infraction that reaches the level of a possible event-wide DQ will be extreme, situational, and context-sensitive, so it is difficult to answer this question absolutely. That said, a team who has already played matches with an uninspected robot would be considered in violation of the intent of <R2>, whether they accept the re-inspection when caught or not.

The time between elimination matches will not be changing. Head referees and division staff will work with teams to ensure that they have the opportunity to compete the fullest of their ability. If you need to replace an electronic component during the elimination rounds, we would recommend letting your division manager, head referee, or field tech staff know as soon as you identify a potential problem.

This post details some of the procedures that will be followed during the VEX Worlds elimination rounds. More information will be shared during the driver’s meeting on-site.

This is correct.