Answered: <R7>[d][l] - 3D Printed/Custom Manufactured Wire Management Materials

According to the Vex ITZ Game Manual:

This thread from the Skyrise season was answered for VexU. It also included the relevant quote by Karthik:

It’s been three years since this question was answered, so I think that clarification is needed on whether this ruling is still up-to-date. I would ask the relevant Vex representative to consider a few points:

  1. Allowing 3D Printed and Custom Manufactured wire management solutions would not affect gameplay. It seems this would fall under <R7>[d] in that it wouldn’t affect the performance of a robot versus a conventional solution (such as clips provided by or wire loom). If a team didn’t have a 3D printer or way to manufacture these parts, it would have no performance impact and the same thing could be accomplished with conventional options.
  2. This would open up a small source of new innovation for VRC teams. Designs for wire clips and other solutions could be passed around and developed by the community. Teams would have more of an application for learning 3D design and manufacturing, which is a key industry and seems like it should be encouraged by Vex. Examples of this in VexU can be seen in the Starstruck engineering notebook of BLRZ, who’s team designed custom snapping motor controller holders, seen below.

Screenshot 2017-07-11 at 6.08.04 PM.png

I see no true drawbacks to allowing custom wire management parts. This would allow teams to be more efficient with simpler designs, encourage innovation, and wouldn’t affect robot performance.

Unfortunately, allowing these parts would violate the “commercially available” clause of Rule <R7>.

That being said, we’d like to commend you on your ingenious solution to this problem! While this rule will not be changed for the VRC In The Zone season, the GDC will review this rule and consider for future seasons.