Answered: Ramp/Scoop

If someone has a ramp on one side of their robot, and drives underneath another robot, such that the robot on top is incapable of moving, would that result in a DQ/warning for either robot? I don’t believe that it falls under the definition of trapping

If anything, I also think it wouldn’t fall under the definition of pinning

if the other robot is completely off of the ground.

Thanks in advance

We cannot provide a blanket ruling based on a snapshot description of a hypothetical robot. However, a ramp built for the purpose of lifting opponents off the ground would likely be in violation of a few rules.


Furthermore, if the ramp was specifically designed prohibit the opponent from moving, then it could be considered a form of Trapping. See this Q&A post. The definition of Trapping does not specify how an opposing robot is restricted to a small portion of the field, only that it is restricted, without an avenue for escape.