Answered: Removing a subsystem: <R1>

Rule <R1> states that

Another mechanism, such as a Reverse Double Four Bar, is considered part of subsystem 3, defined as:

Would it be legal if, having a legal robot that has passed inspection, we remove our lift (only half of subsystem 3) when the conditions of the competition favor it? Note that, we are not competing with a robot while another is being modified or assembled. Would this be considered a switch of robots? In this case, would it still be illegal if we only removed part of the lift?

Yes, modifications to Subsystem 3 are allowed during a competition. Teams may even freely switch between separate Subsystem 3’s during a competition, provided that the Robot has been inspected or re-inspected in all possible configurations.

So, if you are planning on playing some matches without a portion of your Subsystem 3, we would recommend getting it inspected in both configurations at the beginning of the event (with and without the mechanism) to avoid any confusion later on.