Answered: Robot decoration

This is the tranlsation for Chinese EP.

Please see the attached photo. Can we consider the 1 point plate as a nonfunctional decordation? We normally consider the 1 point plate as the field game element. But this plate is backed by legual plate that provide the same functionality.

In Game Manual R8:
**a. **Teams may add appropriate non-functional decorations provided that these do not affect
[FONT=AktivGrotesk-Regular]the [FONT=AktivGrotesk-Regular]Robot [FONT=AktivGrotesk-Regular]performance in any significant way or affect the outcome of the [FONT=AktivGrotesk-Regular]Match[FONT=AktivGrotesk-Regular]. These
[FONT=AktivGrotesk-Regular]decorations must be in the spirit of the event. Inspectors will have the final say in what is
[FONT=AktivGrotesk-Regular]considered “nonfunctional”.
[FONT=AktivGrotesk-Bold]**i. **[FONT=AktivGrotesk-Regular]Any decorations must be backed by legal materials that provide the same
[FONT=AktivGrotesk-Regular]functionality, (i.e. if your [FONT=AktivGrotesk-Regular]Robot [FONT=AktivGrotesk-Regular]has a giant decal that prevents [FONT=AktivGrotesk-Regular]Game Objects [FONT=AktivGrotesk-Regular]from
[FONT=AktivGrotesk-Regular]falling out of the [FONT=AktivGrotesk-Regular]Robot[FONT=AktivGrotesk-Regular], the decal must be backed by VEX IQ material that also
[FONT=AktivGrotesk-Regular]prevents the [FONT=AktivGrotesk-Regular]Game Objects [FONT=AktivGrotesk-Regular]from falling out).[/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT]


This is legal, since there are legal parts backing the decoration that are providing the functionality for this Robot.