Answered: Robot sizing?

In the rule book it says 11x20 and has a picture in the lower right corner of the box and it counts the outer black and the back of the wall. In the ringmaster video on YouTube it shows the robot within the black line. I measured the floor and to me it has to be the outside of the black and the whole back part of the wall. Anyone?

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. For reference, here is the image of the Starting Position from the Game Manual (left) and a screenshot from the referee training video (right):

You are correct, there is a discrepancy. In general, if there is ever a dispute between the official Game Manual (or Q&A) and an auxiliary referee material (such as the training videos, Referee Guides), the Game Manual always takes precedence. So, in this case, the starting size depicted in the Game Manual should be used. We will look into updating the video or adding a note to clarify.