Answered: Tie for Second Place

Background: We ran a 29 team event (with 116 Qualification matches) yesterday. We did the finals and had winners for First place. But we had a tie for Second place. The rules talk about what to do for a First place tie, not what to do for a Second place tie. We just applied the tie rules, queued matches up in the practice match in Tournament Manager, and ran them off. It was a little wonky, but it worked. Before running the matches we made it clear that this was just the tie breaker for Second place. It was good that we did that because surprisingly the second place winner posted the high score for the day (by 20 points) and was higher than the First Place score.

Question: What is the proper method to break ties for second place?


If there is a tie for second place, the tiebreaker should go to the higher seeded team. The final tiebreaker for first place is the higher seed, meaning that the lower seeded team must exceed the higher one in order to be declared the winner. This logic applies to the lower seeds as well. We will be sure to expand upon this in future game manuals!