Answered: Use Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone Black with Vex Cortex in VexU

In a recent thread I asked if it was permitted to use an external device to proccess sensor data and then send information through a protocol between Raspberry /Beaglebone or an Analog/Digital Input to the Cortex. I’d like to know if this is legal according to VUR7, also if there is a limit of how many 7.2V batteries we can use.

There is NO restriction on sensors and additional electronics used for sensing and processing…

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Yes, provided that all other clauses in are met.

Yes, as stated in you may only use one additional battery for the purposes of powering sensors.

According to VUR7
a. Sensors and Electronics MUST be connected to the VEX Microcontroller, and can only be connected
via any of the externally accessible ports.

A processor that has connected sensors to it like the ones I mentioned (raspberry, beaglebone,etc) is counted as a whole Electronic Device which is connected to the Cortex?
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Yes, this is correct.

Thanks for the answers that clarifies things to me :D!

You’re welcome!

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