Answered: [Vex U] Sensors as mechanical components

The manual makes no mention of the mechanical usage limitations of sensors. Therefore:

  • Do the sensors have to be any of the following: plugged in, active, electrically connected to the Cortex via some means, or actually used? It does say “used for sensing and processing”, but I want to be sure.
  • Are sensors and electronics allowed to physically interact with game elements? (I have “antennae” with probes that detect balls and walls by touching them)

I did also find this ruling from before:

Would an integral part of the sensor be allowed for use as a structural component? (not a housing, but like a compression force sensor be used in between two structural components, that also behaves as a spacer)

I’d like to note that while this above ruling takes precedence over the manual, I don’t think it’s made clear that you can’t use sensors as mechanical components the way it’s written now.

Yes, sensors on the Robot must be used for sensing and processing. Attempts to use sensors solely as mechanical devices to circumvent the construction rules is strictly prohibited.

Yes, this is legal. This practice is common in both VRC and VEX U.

Yes, this is legal.