Answered: VEXNet Joystick accelerometer

I just got the VEXNet Joystick a few weeks ago, and I’m having a few problems with it. Mainly, the Z-axis of accelerometer in the controller doesn’t respond. I tried the troubleshooter for the controller, but the Z-axis just kept showing zero. I called VEX, but the guy on the other end had the same problem. Everything else works fine, including the joysticks, buttons, and the X and Y axis in the accelerometer. It’s only the z-axis that doesn’t work. And since the guy at vex had the same problem, I don’t think that it is hardware. Does anyone know how to fix this? I’m using the newest version of RobotC. Thanks.

**Z Data on it’s own has limited functionality due to the limited data bandwidth. We have to down sample and filter the X and Y data on the Joystick’s processor to provide tilt data. With the limited functionality of the Z Data, this Z-Axis Output was never implemented.

We are looking into converting the Z-Data into a button type output when the Joystick is shaken in the Z axis.**

So there is absolutly no way to access the z-axis on the accelerometer as of now? I was almost done programming a robotic arm to mimic the movments of a person holding the controller.

Unfortunately you are correct – the Z-Axis Output will not change at this point in time.