Answered: VexU Bounds of custom Sensors

Hello, I would like clarification on what the bounds of custom sensors in VexU are.
These questions specifically are in regards to VUR7. In each of the below scenarios it is assumed that restrictions outlined in VUR7 are satisfied.

A) Non-Vex motors
In this Thread: vex-u-non-vex-servo-motors-for-a-custom-sensor
It was ruled that the tilt and pan servos are considered a legal component of a custom sensor for the Pixy Camera.
From my interpretation of this ruling, using additional motors and servos would be legal components of custom sensors as long as they only manipulate the sensor.
Under this interpretation, would an entire Drone be considered a legal VexU sensor, with the intention of using the Drone’s Camera to get a top down view of the field? Assuming the Drone would only draw power from a legal Battery, be connected to the Cortex as required , and it was not considered a safety hazard. The motors on the Drone would only be manipulating the camera, similar to how the tilt and pan on the Pixy only manipulate the sensor.

B) Lights
Most sensors have some sort of indication lights on them that are considered part of the sensor. So am I to presume these lights are considered part of the sensor. If we are building our own custom sensors, then I presume that we can use any type of lights as indication lights on our sensors.
In this thread: additional-microcontroller
It was ruled that we can use an additional microcontroller as part of our sensor for processing data.
If we make our own custom sensor, can we use Led Light strips as part of the sensor, and use an additional microcontroller as part of the sensor to control them with a legal additional battery to power them? The intent of this is to use LED light strips as indication/status lights for a custom sensor we build.

C) Sensor Casings
Do Custom Sensors have to be backed with legal vex materials? Specifically, I am referring to custom shaft encoders that include bearings in them as part of the sensor’s casing. If I place two of these sensors on both ends of a shaft, Am I also required to support the shaft with legal vex parts, or can I leave the shaft only supported by the custom shaft encoders? In tight spots, teams have in the past legally used Vex shaft encoders as structural components, so I would presume that customs sensors would also be able to legally used this way.
Furthermore, if it is not required to back custom sensors with legal vex materials, then can I use an overly large sensor as a structural component of my robot? Such as a strain gauge sensor using a titanium beam as it’s casing.

No, a drone is not considered a legal VEX U Sensor.

This is legal, provided no other rules are violated in the process.

This would be legal, provided that you’re using the sensors for sensing. The intent of the custom sensor rule is to allow VEX U teams additional sensors for sensing and processing, not to allow for addition of extra structural materials for their robots.