Answered: What is an organization?

I’m classroom teacher with a bunch of teams that do their work in school. What is the constraint on what I call an organization?

If I have more than 22 teams, I have to get another number. Would those be considered another organization? If I had an afternoon or morning club that at times meet outside of school, could I register that as another organization? Could I register each class as another organization? If I get a business to sponsor some of my teams, could I call those teams their own organization under that business? If parents register their kids teams individually and managed them themselves, could they be their own organization?


The intent of this official Q&A forum is to answer questions pertaining to the rules of the 2017-2018 VEX IQ Challenge, Ringmaster. Questions regarding organizational structure or registration should be directed to your REC Foundation Regional Support Manager. Their contact information can be found here: Robot Events