Any overunder robot/strategy ideas

Coming from a person who extensively played FRC Charged Up:

The reason swerve was so beneficial in Charged Up was because the nodes to score on were skinny poles, therefore scoring cones on it required super precision. Additionally, the main factor was that there was no convenient way to approach the scoring section from straight-on. You mostly had to go around the balance station, therefore, severely downgrading the tank drive as it can’t strafe. Over Under has none of these constraints, therefore, tank is perfectly viable in Over Under and holonomic drives are likely unnecessary.


Im trying to decide between 4 bar, 6 bar, and DR4B (and having lots of trouble!).

you should use a continuous bar lift to get to the top powered by 2 11w 100rpm and 2 5.5w motors to get to the top

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What we will probably do is:
6m drive
2m 4 bar or chain bar lift
2 piston claw

Also will a 4m drive or 6m drive be better for this season?

I think having a 4m drive is better because it’s more lightweight. I’m thinking on going on a 4m 333rpm this season.


I think we will try and build a bot similar to FRC Team 195’s. Possibly a chain lift.
FRC 195 Reveal

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Why are people comparing this game to frc charged up? To me the only thing it has in common is that you should have some sort of lift, but with charged up, it’s the main scoring and high torque isn’t required. but with vex it’s endgame with lifting the robot so high torque, and considering the most of the season teams will focus on shooting across and having tm8 push it in as opposed to having a complicated dr4b or a 6 bar lift for extra points


One idea I’m thinking about is designing your robot so that instead of the common “meta” predictions of getting the match load, driving over to the barrier, and launching it across for tm8 to push into goal, launch from a position where you can get the match loads. Ex. Go to predetermined position where you can pick up match load, pick up tri ball, slingshot from that position to opposing goal, repeat. This example would be using like an arm that can swing quickly and pivot close to 180 deg

Also if you’re touching the elevation bar cap which is at the top of the pole you aren’t considered elevated.

Isnt the robot always supposed to be the size of 18" at all times? Or can it exapnd during the game…?

Read the manual. Unlimited vertical expansion, 36" horizontal.


It can expand during the match but only to 36" horizontally. Examples of teams doing this can be seen in almost every VRC game except Spin up

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There is a 36’’ horizontal expansion limit during the match per . You still have to start within the 18’’ cube, though.


Debating over the double reverse 4 bar I do have a question would a six bar or a shorter lift be better to allow the robot to go between the two sides? should it be an option ?

Here is what I was thinking was try to build a small double reverse lift that can clear that 11 inches so that way you can climb on either side of the pole or go into the opposing side , that’s why i was thinking of doing a short double reverse six bar , here is other thing i was thinking about was maybe using a cascade lift could be useful if your robot is small enough and light enough maybe you could use a cascade lift to elevate your robot if you have the claw or grabber on the last stage at the lowest stable point

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Does anybody know if making a large expandable plow to push multiple triballs into the goal is allowed? I know you can only have one triball in possession but the manual says pushing a triball doesn’t count as possession.

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Sounds like you’ve answered your own question, though there is a little nuance to “pushing a triball doesn’t count as possession” than your post above suggests. There is a way to push multiple triballs legally, and a method to push multiple triballs illegally that the manual spells out.


The manual says that a robot using a plow to intentionally move the tri-balls toward the goals considered position

quote from manual
Possession – A Robot / Triball status. A Robot is considered to be in Possession of a Triball if the
Robot is carrying, holding, or controlling the movement of a Triball such that if the Robot changes
direction, the Triball will move with the Robot. Therefore, pushing/plowing Triballs is not considered
Possession; however, using concave portions of a Robot to control the movement of Triballs is
considered Possession.

So you can climb using the cap, but must let go before the end of the match.


depends on the shape. if it is flat, then yes, but if it is curved in, then no.

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That looks like a valid interpretation.

You are allowed to touch the cap.

You just don’t count as elevated if you are touching the cap.