Any quick way that I can get started with auton programming?

Hey! This is my first year of vex robotics. Also my first post on this forum. Our all 7th grade team recently qualifyied for worlds. Our team went through a total rebuild and we went from a 220 driver skills to a 329 skills. It recently dawned on me that we could be in the running for skills champion at worlds. (top team is 540 that is going to worlds). Our programmer has been goo to us so far, but auton skills may be big task for him. I seem to be the only one with the time to do the programming. I was also planning to be a programmer/head builder next year but I thought I could start it this year. we are 3 man team, so their isn’t many options for when the programmer isn’t here. in extra meetings, i seem to be the only one their from my team. Our old bot, which I admit, was not the most capable, only had a 60 point auton and i gave 3 weeks strait. I was hoping to take this into my own hands. I was hoping for around a 260. I was hoping that someone could help me get started. I already have expirence with c# with game devlopment, and was hoping for c++ resources. I also dont want things like print hello world and more basic things. I think our team needs more advanced things. somewhere between motor encoders and pid.

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I recommend making a smartdrive in VexCode Pro as your drivetrain and using an inertial sensor. I would then look at VexCode’s C++ drag and drop as a reference. My team is in a similar situation with our programmer always gone and being qualified for MS worlds.


Just what I was looking for. Thanks!

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That’s my team lol.
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Auton toolkit. Will get you 90% there in the very first run if you are careful.

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Take a look here:

And there’s lots here:

And here:

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Well you can find the things you said on the forums. I don’t know when worlds starts, but I’m thinking it’s around a week away, and it’s not good to expect that you can have a perfect auton immediately. Since people have already posted links, I will say two things:

A) hopefully your robot has high build quality. Ours did not, which caused a lot of inconsistencies.

B) don’t forget the basics. You may think they’re useless, but many basic things could be quite helpful if you have a complex robot. For example, enums and classes could be of help to you if you use them right. I haven’t thought of anything for classes besides object detection (do not do it now please god no) but enums can be very good for having “states” the robot is in.


You owe it to yourself to checkout the toolkit video above. You can take a reliable bot, a partner, and 2-3 hours and have a auton routine that’s rock solid. Faster if you have addition field reset help.

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