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I can’t seem to find many (if any) threads on here that collectively list all the useful resources for programming and if there are then feel free to close this thread –– (to any moderator). No, I do not believe telling someone to read the entirety of is a useful resource. You’re better off reading a dictionary trying to retain everything at once. Anyways, since VexCode and PROS both run C++, I’ll start it off with the single most helpful resource I’ve had.

This playlist links every single C++ topic you could ever need to know in chronological order and the videos are super easy to follow. This is by far the closest thing to a legitimate (dare I say personalized) class that’s both free and effective.

It’s personalized not because you meet one on one with someone but rather because the videos are so detailed yet cohesive and answers virtually every question that it almost feels like someone is personally tutoring you or at least that has been my experience.

In any case, feel free to link below any other resources you think will be helpful for future reference and bookmark this thread if you’d like. I know there’s already a wiki and a few other pages but they’re all cluttered with non programming related info. Keep this short and sweet yet plentiful.


I found this book helpful:


BY THE WAY this isn’t limited to just general C++ programming. There could be stuff in here about control systems, program structure, flowcharts, git hub guides, and virtually anything that could help with programming in Vex.

For example, I didn’t read this entire textbook, but I used it to get a general understanding of high-level control theory. Textbooks, in general, are really high-quality education sources but they can be costly and most of the info can be found online anyways so tread lightly.

I’ve found Trinket to be extremely helpful in my beginner python stages, but it can’t get you too far. VSCode is, in my opinion, the best text editor with many helpful features and endless extension support. There are a lot of PID resources online, so it can be hard to find the right ones, but I’ve found George Gillard’s Tutorial, This Youtube Video, and @_Colossus’s PID Tutorial to be quite helpful.
Another great PID resource can be found in This MIT video on self-driving cars.

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pid from basic to advanced


If you’re confused where to even start when coding an omnidirectional drive (X-drive, mecanum), this video covers the basics of how to program it onto the controller. It helped me code the x-drive on our robot

Note: It does use robotC and the cortex, not V5, but the principals are the same

(Skip to 0:40 if it didn’t already)