Any restrictions on programming language choice?

My students have been using Modkit in the current season, but I am getting under impression that they have outgrown it and that Modkit is now getting in the way. They are spending more time aiming the blocks into the right position (which gets very hard for larger programs because Modkit tends to slow down tramendeously for any non-trivial size program) instead of thinking about program structure and algorithm they are designing. Lack of copy-and-paste and having to emulate function calls through broadcast signals and global variables only adds to frustration.

So, I plan to start teaching more advanced language during the off-season period and completely switch to it in the next season. After some research and experimetnation, I decided that the best path moving forward would be Python from RobotMesh. Now I understand that most teams either use RobotC or Modkit, but I could not find any rule that would restrict against any other tool.

Would it be possible to get an official confirmation that it is legal to use RobotMesh tools in VEXIQ competition? From what I am reading in other posts, I believe that the answer will be ‘yes’, but I have not seen anyone explicitly ask this.

Yes, the use of Robot Mesh to program your Robot is legal.