Anyone have any idea why a lot of the electronic components are out of stock right now?

Stuff like the batteries and brains have been either backordered or simply out of stock for the past few months. Does anyone know the explanation? Our school has a new team that has no opportunity to get a brain to compete. Our first competition is in November, so do you guys know whether or not this shortage will end by then?

Semiconductor shortage perhaps?

Some references to the chip shortages on the forum.

I would not bet on it. Even if the shortage does end, Vex is somewhat… infamous for shipping times.


Likely the semiconductor shortage that pretty much every industry has been affected by in some way


Do you know when the electronics items be back in stock?

Contact your Region’s Team Support Manager (I forget the exact title they’ve shifted to) who may be able to help, either directly or indirectly


You would want to contact your region’s Team Engagement Manager, which can be found here.


Would this also be the reason pneumatic components are out of stock right now? Or is that a result of everyone wanting it?

likely the latter, since the only pneumatic component with any electronic parts would be the solenoids.

pneumatic components have gone from almost no demand to very high demand, which has likely drained vex’s stock much faster than they expected.