Anyone have some tips for creating a V5 record and playback code?

we’re wondering if you guys have any tips for us, as my team and I aspire to make a record and playback code for our autonomous and could use some starting points as we’ve tried googling and searching through the form only to enter this black hole of never-ending information that leads no-where.

Take a look at this:

It’s pretty advanced stuff, I’d suggest directly coding your autonomous.


another approach is to map the field, determine the steps the robot needs to take, and model it using a spreadsheet to determine if the plan will work.,

Recording and playback certainly makes it seems easy, but the inherent difficulty is that it record/playback is time based. So your sampling may introduce motion aliasing and delays that are unexpected. Moreover, while it is a good first order approximation, it does not account for the changes in field friction, and the judges probably more inclined to see an analysis approach for THINK and other judged awards.

The pros of timed-based autonomous is that your observations provide feedback to accuracy. Cons a ESD sprayed field may be slower and you might run out of time.

Distance based is good - but you should have sensors to monitor robot progress. V5 motors do have built in sensors which help make this approach work.

Let us know which path you chose!