Arcade Drive

I am recently switching over to an arcade drive system from tank drive. Some of the things I did to modify the tank drive for ease of driving was slowing down max turn speeds and using cubic drives to change the relationship between the joystick and the motor voltage. What are some of the common practices coded to aid arcade drive control, some of the drivers with arcade seem exceptionally smooth.

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The main thing that I know of is that motor speed peaks at around a value of 80, so a lot of teams code their axis with an exponential value so that the axis value more accurately reflects the output speed.

Other than that,
Step 1, practice
Step 2, practice
Step 3, ???
Step 4, profit!

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Oh thats interesting. So they assign the joystick values of [-127,127] to motor voltages of [-80,80]? Also do v5 motors have the same voltage range as v4 being [-127,127]?

Hope this helps.

thanks that seems to make more sense

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