Are a wheel change a "minor modification"?

Our experience has been that the team likes to run loose and have omni-wheels for the “teamwork challenge”. But for “programming skills” we find that omni’s give a lot of error, while rubber wheels are more precise.

The rules state that minor modifications are acceptable following inspection.

So the question is, can we swap from omni to rubber and back again at competition? Does this fall into the realms of a minor modification or is this a no-no?

Thanks in advance.
“Coach Dave”


It’s generally fine. You are not changing an entire sub system.

Generally you should get all robot configurations checked at inspection.


I second getting both set ups inspected. At our first competition one robot couldn’t pass inspection with the omni wheels and had to put on rubber wheels


This is kind of a big deal item, which is why o was hoping a Vex rep would weigh in on it (hence posting it in this forum). I dont want to hinge everything on the “generally there shouldn’t be a problem”… kids will work their tails off thinking this is ok, then comes competition and they say “no, not gonna happen”. I would really like the assurancethat the latter is not going to happen.

To get an official answer, you would need to post in the Q&A forum on Robot Events. Official answers aren’t posted here.
Providing it stays legal in other respects, I believe it will be fine.