Assistance requested for Gear Ratios/Flywheel

My new team has built a Disco robot and is modifying it to add a Flywheel. Here is the design.

This seems to have a very high RPM, but extremely low torque. Is this a bad thing? How should we be balancing RPM and torque? Is a more simple 84:12 ratio better?

Few comments:

  1. Most of the launchers are using a 3k rpm flywheel.
  2. Starting with a 100rpm/red cartridge is inefficient, try 600/blue if possible.
  3. Low torque is ok… you are storing energy in the flywheel, that’s the nature of a flywheel.

my team was successful in launching the discs near the goal (80% accuracy), by setting motor speed around 3000RMP. Watch out for the tension and friction as you put your gears together, since those factors can reduce speed/torque.

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Any equations to find friction or tension? Where can I see those as problems?

I can help with the friction equation. The friction equation is F=μN, with F being the friction force, μ being your friction coefficient, and N being your normal force. Here’s a more in depth resource on how to find each of them individually,