AURA Re-Reveal

So about a month ago we posted some photos of our two worlds robots, Bravo and Zulu. Unfortunately we had a small flooding incident in our lab, which meant that we had to quickly salvage as much equipment as possible. We got it all out, but had to make a couple of small adjustments to our robots as a result. Here are some photos of one of our two robots, “Fush”:

See the others at this link:

We also had a public demonstration today at the University, with lots of staff and students interested… It included a match between our two robots, which ended like this:

And as usual, you can see these photos and others at our website, (where the photos have been up for a couple of days already).

See you all at Worlds next week! Be sure to visit our pits for some delicious treats!

(If you were a little bit put off by the ladder tipping photo, don’t worry - Fush may have had a little bit of help getting the ladder at that angle. We’re just a bunch of guys who enjoy a bit of fun and a laugh! However, our photos of Fush are real and we’re bringing him to Worlds next week!)

Wow!! I love this! Mind if I ask you a few questions?

  • Motor configuration? (It looks like four 393 on drive, four 269 on the 4-bar (also geared to lift the goals, I’m guessing?), one 269 on the front rollers, and I’m seeing one with a potentiometer on it to the side of your rollers. Care to explain that one?)
  • Gear ratio on drive?
  • CORTEX or PIC?
  • Number of drive teams, and number of drivers on each team? (Single driver or double? Just curious.)

Overall your robot looks really cool! And I love the ladder-tipping picture, haha. See you guys at Worlds! :slight_smile:


Hi Jordan!
Yes, we have four 393s on the drive, there’s two more 269s hidden on strafe wheels, four 269s on the kind of 4-bar with a 1:15 gear ratio, one 269 for the intake, and one 269 for an extra descorer (which is what the pot is for).

We’re running Cortex. We have two drivers per robot, although they are perfectly drivable with just one driver; the second driver is mainly for error correction (the 4-bar really likes to go out of sync).

Feel free to ask any other questions!

Ohhh, now I see! Thank you! :slight_smile:


P.S. I almost forgot you guys were a College team, haha. Good luck at Worlds!

can your robot hang?

Does this picture answer your question? :slight_smile:

O.O … That looks epic… I’m so glad you’re a College team… XD


Now I’m curious as to how it got up there!

I love how it can carry a movable weighted base up there with it.

I agree this has got to be my favorite part of it. How on earth is your 4-bar strong enough to lift a robot as well as a 10 pound base up onto the ladder? It just amazes and perplexes me.


Yeah… it might have had a bit of help with that one too :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, kinda figured that. But seriously can you guys actually pull yourselves up onto the ladder? Like, without the goal I mean? I’m not totally seeing it happen, but I mean just thought I’d ask.


Nah. We felt that it was more advantageous to work on normal scoring, as there are 8 movable bases and 4 wall goals on the college field so there are way more goals (and rings) to deal with. It also meant we could use 269s on the arm rather than 393s if we don’t hang.

I completely agree with you on that one. With the college challenge it’s almost pointless to have the ability to hang, unless you can do it in next to 0 seconds. (Like, maybe 2 seconds or less, with an after-the-buzzer hang.) There’s just so much that can happen, especially with all the goals that are available.


Wow, really nice. Neat 4bar for reaching the high posts too. What’s the blue string on the robot, though? Is it a pulley for the goal lifter or just to hold the robot in that pose? Also, what does your other robot look like? Is it something like this, or a complimentary robot?

We ran out of nuts and bolts, so we’re going to have to buy a bunch as soon as we get to worlds. The other robot… well you should come to our pit to see it!

at first i thought the ladder and hang photos were legit :frowning:
awesome robot anyways!
love your unique 4bar!
and the ability to carry around goals
do you think that the 1:15 arm ratio is slow at times?

To be honest, it’s fine. If you drive the arm whilst movign to a goal/rings, it’s fine.

Plus this way, we get 4 393’s on the drive to push other robots around the field whilst carrying goals :wink:

ahh it’ll be interesting to see what we can whip up for GATEWAY!