Auto going crazy for some reason

Ight, here’s the deal, I have an auto for 106 points, It works super consistently (like every time) when you run the program through the controller. It starts messing up (it literally does nothing right) when you connect the controller to the vex net thing that they use at comp. Any idea on why that could be since it got us 59 because we were lucky that the bot wasn’t too off course.

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Is it in a competiton template? If not, it might be skipping over some parts


As for every programming question, please post your code. Put ``` at the beginning and the end of your program.


it is in competition template. and just to add on top of that I use vexcode pro and not pros since I forgot to mention that

I’ll get it as soon as I can


Is it possible that it’s just feild variance? A lot of times you can get a nearly perfect auton on your practice field, but once you go to a comp, it gets messed up.

Nope, we were able to replicate the exact same thing at our home field by attaching the vex net


Are you using an inertial sensor?

no, we use pid and vision sensor

To put it into perspective, it should move forward about 4 feet at the beginning but it goes backwards or it just starts turning or it just skips things

Here’s why it might be:

When running the program through the controller the driver control doesn’t run till the auton is over.

With the vex net, the driver program starts as soon as you turn the robot on, before you plug your controller into the tower. Is it possible that the driver control section is interfering somehow???

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I could try taking out all the driver stuff

I know you said you use VexCode, but I use pros and I know that if I start my progra. before plugging into the tower it will mess up 100% of the time.

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That seems to be the same for us

Did you leave an event loop open?

Please read through this (goes for everyone on the forum)

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ok thanks, I’ll look through it and see if it helps

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So I think I found the solution (not why it’s happening). before I plug anything into the vexnet, I turn off the controller and the robot. Then, I connect the controller to the vexnet. Then I turn the controller on. Then I turn the robot on. Then things work properly. I hope this helps who ever is having this problem and if you think you know why this is happening then please let me know.

Thanks everyone tho!

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If you could post your code we may be able to figure it out…

I was talking to our programmers and they don’t want to share it unfortunately