Auton Selection on Controller V5

I wanted to create an auton selection program in the pre_auton that was controlled by the controller. Does the cortex receive commands from the controller during pre_auton?

Whether or not the brain receives data from the controller depends only on the competition mode. The brain does not receive data from the controller during disable or autonomous. As you are generally connecting to competition control when you arrive at a field, this makes the controller unsuited to selecting autonomous, as you will not be able to do so after attaching to the field hardware. This is irrespective of whether or not you even use the competition template provided with your development environment.


I have a working GUI OS. PM for details

My team has a case-switching mechanism to select their desired autonomous program with the controller. As @John TYler said above, you cannot use controller input once hooked up to the field control in pre-auton. However, since you do not have to power-cycle the V5 brain after hooking up to field control, the routine works like this

  1. Robot is off. walk it over to the field.
  2. Turn Brain on.
  3. Use controller to cycle to correct autonomous program
  4. plug into field control
  5. Robot runs autonomous that was selected

You can use the brain touch screen during pre-auton, fwiw.

I would not want to depend on the controller to make your auto selection.

You have 8 programs to select from the controller. That works for my teams (for now).

I decided to just write a selection program for the brain screen. Makes things easier. I can just select the auton after the controller is hooked up to the field. I also made it send the selection to the controller to display it as a security measure and the brain screen highlights the selected program in a brighter red or blue while still allowing the selection to be changed.

I didn’t want to do that because then any change in 1 of them has to be changed for every single one and quickly redownloading 8 programs sounds like a pain in the ass.

The only thing you will actually have change for everything is the drive and ports which isnt a common things to change during competitions.