Avatar legal

Is it legal to put a VEX avatar on our competition robot (just for fun)

Next time read the game manual VIQC-Slapshot-GameManual-2.1.pdf (vexrobotics.com), but here is your answer: Yes


Thank you. I read this, but I wanted to double check that the avatars fit under this category.

Just make sure it is non-functional, and can be easily removed, if an inspector or ref asks


The avatars are VEX IQ parts. and they are currently on the list of legal parts.

You can totally use them as functional parts.

feel free to make a foosball style puck kicker with avatar legs.


The Vex figures are very cool (and you can buy packs of them). But the mounting points are a little iffy, and your driver may fly off in a collision with the wall or your partner robot.

I’ve taken the 0x2 pins and super glue the flat side to the mini-driver. Then the pin goes into the robot and will be a secure mounting. It’s a non-functional decoration, so the glue isn’t an issue.