Axes On Inertial Sensor

Me and my team just bought the new inertial sensor for v5. We have been searching around about the inertial sensor and found out that it contains 3 axis gyro, but we couldn’t find how to sense and control the other axis’ except the heading. Is there a way to sense and control the other axes?
(axis plural = axes)
Thank You For Your Help.

  1. The Oxford English Dictionary informed us all of this fact ages ago

  2. @jpearman might be able to help with your issue. Remember that the VCS docs carry over to VEXcode. Just Google ‘Vex V5 Docs’ if you want to find them.

You can ignore most of what is on that page, you should look for yaw(), pitch(), roll(), orientation() etc.
You need latest VEXcode, VCS does not support Inertial sensor.