Back arm hangs over wall - starting position

We have a back arm on our robot and when we are fully reversed with the back of our robot on the wall the back arm hangs over. Is this legal?

Starting Position - The two (2) designated 11” x 19” (279mm x 482.6mm) spots on the field where Robots must start the Match. Starting Positions are bounded by the inner edges of the long black lines, outer edge of the short black line, and the inner edge of the field perimeter. See Figure 2 for more details.

As a starting position, having something hang over the edge of the field is illegal. However, the rules don’t say that you have to be contacting the wall to start a match, so assuming your robot fits the size limit, you should be able to just move the robot away from the wall to start. If that isn’t what you were asking, please feel free to clarify.


yeah infact in iq im pretty sure u cant be touching the wall so u r all good if u r legal by the 19’’ length requirement

It’s legal that your bot can do that, but as the above post said you can’t start the match that way.

And with the programming challenge you’re allowed to bring the robot back to the starting position. I’m assuming the same rules apply there and nothing is allowed to hang over?