BankShot Build Instructions - Help

Hi, we are running a small summer camp for local kids and purchased a field w/ bank shot setup. We are not a competition team, so we were wondering
if anyone had some build instructions for a bank shot Vex IQ bot that we could use for our kids to use during camp. Any help you could offer would be
much appreciated. Thanks so much.

Hi Techknow-Brent,

The Build Instructions and Field Specifications for Bankshot can be found on this page:

Just click on the “Field Appendix & CAD” button, and it will download everything you need!

  • Dillon

I think the clawbot IQ would be the place to start. You can find step by step instructions on the VEX IQ website as a PDF or on line with video tutorials. I have not tried out the clawbot with the field pieces yet but I assume they should pick them up.

A Clawbot can certainly be used to put some balls over the fence and also to clear balls from the ramp and park. To score in the goal, you will need either a much bigger robot or something that can fire balls like a flywheel shooter.