Base Code Speed Increase help!

I use robotc graphical for my code. I have a gear ratio of a 40 tooth sprocket attached with chain of two 24 teeth gears - it is a high speed base. Our robot is very heavy so I cant change gear ratio. How do I increase speed on my robotc graphical code? I currently use tank control for my base as arcade control is tricky to drive. Please please help


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Somebody please help…please…

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We are facing the same problem…somebody help

I don’t have graphical, but there should be something similar to this:
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Are you asking for help with the speed of your drivetrain? Sorry, the code you posted is for you lift, conveyor, etc. if you are using the tankControl command in RobotC Graphical, it should automatically handle that for you. By default, it assigns ChD for the right motor, and ChA for the left motor, with a threshold of 10.


And it uses 100% when the joysticks are forward, so there is no programming help that is going to make this work any better.

Correct, there’s nothing in programming that will make the robot go faster since tankControl is assigned the the joysticks… they will max out at 100% speed. OP has a 5:3 gear ratio, which should be quite fast.

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