Battery Connector Type?

I want to make a charging station for vex batteries, but would like to be able to buy just the bare battery connectors for making extension cables and such. Are those battery connectors a proprietary type or a standard connector? If so, what is the name of this type of connector? Thanks.

The connectors are not proprietary but you need to use real caution. It is likely that anything you do that would require you to have connectors would be a violation of Vex rules. They are very strict about batteries and battery chargers and lack of modification in any way to them.

Blatwell is correct as it concerns competitions. Here’s a relevant Q & A.

We use the batteries for other projects once they develop a high internal resistance. To connect to them, use Tamiya Big connector.

Here’s an amazon search that has useful things:

The connector is called “molex large” or Tamiya Big or just Tamiya. Also called Duratrax, though that use is less common.

Thanks for the reply. Yeah I understand that battery rules are strict. I just wanted to make an extension cable from one female and male connector that is a few inches long so I can mount it to a charming station. Then the charger itself could be removed without having to remove the zip ties used to hold the extension cable. I also want to make a cable that plugs into the voltmeter so we can easily check the voltage without sticking probes into the battery connector itself.