Many batteries that need firmware updates cannot be updated because they are out of charge, and cannot be charged because they are not updated.

The solution to this is to plug the AC adapter in to the battery WHILE it is also plugged into the cortex, which should be plugged into a computer with the V5 Coding Studio installed. Once the battery is fully charged, it should automatically update.

BEFORE this is done however, you must jump-start the battery by plugging it into another battery with a full charge and an AC adapter in it.

Are you talking about plugging one battery into a second battery? This seems like a terrible and dangerous idea.

Not its a legit thing, I’ve had to do this with Lipos before, You plug two batteries into each other, for only a minute. So that the “dead” battery’s voltage can come back to the point where it can be charged again.

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Have you done this before and it worked? You plug a working battery into the wall and then plug the battery into the dead battery?

While I have a battery I would love to revive I agree that this sounds like a nutty idea and you may kill your good battery.

Cant speak for V5 batteries, but this works fine for many other battery types. Vex equivalent of jumping you car battery.

Just for the record, this is not a recommended fix, as the current flow cannot be controlled with this method. High currents could cause battery damage.

This really isn’t good advice to be giving in a forum composed mostly of Young adults- especially with the lack of safety warnings or clear and proper notation of procedure.

Plugging LiPo batteries directly into each other can produce a mild explosion and flame.

You should be supervised, an in an area lacking in flammable materials, you should be wearing gloves and safety glasses.

The method can work, no disputing that. Just make sure that you know why the battery doesn’t work before you try this fix.

Thank you for the concern.

One battery would be dead and both batteries have limiters built into them, which under normal circumstances would prevent any combustion.

But yes, things like this should be done in a safe environment and for the first time at least, should be done while wearing proper safety glasses and gloves.

The battery transferring the power has a built-in limiter and only transfers power one way; there cannot be enough power in one battery to overwhelm two batteries. This method however is simply a last-resort method in which case a battery needs a firmware update to be charged, and cannot be updated without a charge.

Yes this is a tested method that worked.

Note that you should not have the batteries tethered for a long period of time. Plugging the battery into a wall would not work in our case because the out-dated firmware prevented the battery from receiving power through the AC adapter port, meaning the only way to receive power is through the battery cable itself.