BattleBots 2019

So as a followup to this thread from last year.

It has been a big year for Vex teams getting into BattleBots. This year there are 3 former VEX teams competing. @Gkirkman @jacko @StimpNZ @steventhebarker
last and definitely best, the team I am on @JMarple @Owen @banditofernando @The_VEX_Raptors @aaronlucas @LegoMindstormsmaniac

For those who don’t know what BattleBots is.

BattleBots is played on a 48 ft by 48 ft field by two alliances, red and blue, each made up of 1 teams. The object of the game is to do more damage than the opposing alliance using: saws, flippers and spinners. Damage is scored by which robot is still moving at the end of the 3 minute match. In the event that both robots are still moving the judges will decide who wins.

Here is the promo, it should get you pretty dang hyped.

The first episode airs tomorrow at 8pm on discovery, and End Game will have its first fight, which will probably go down in history as one of the most epic fights. The episodes are 2 hours now, so more fights and more action.

The full fight card for the first episode is here


Hi all!

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here. But we are super stoked to be back, and be one of the teams who have come through the vex program.

End Game had a solid rookie season last year, and we’ll be looking to top that this year.

For those of you who don’t know who we are, most of our team members competed in VEX some point - although a few years ago now! We’ve got:

  • Shane de Rijk - formerly on teams 2941A, OYES, AURA and XD
  • Steven Barker - formerly on 2915A and AURA
  • Nick Mabey - formerly on AURA
  • and myself, formerly on 2915A, OYES and AURA

End Game is coming back with a variety of improvements and exciting new custom electronics/mechanics. You can read more about them on our social media:

We also have a website where you can see an interactive 3d render of this years bot, and find out how to get our HEXBUG toy and merch :slight_smile:

Our time doing VEX taught us a lot of applicable skills we are using here (and in industry now), and I hope all of the current competitors can get much out of the program as we did :slight_smile:

Hopefully we can see some more of you in the BattleBox in seasons to come, and we’d love to have all your support throughout this season :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:



Similar to Jack, it’s been a while since posting here, but it’s great to see the forum still thriving. Most people will know us as the VEXU team Bots ‘n’ Stuff Robotics, but for Battlebots we are making our rookie debut as Bloodsport!

As people who know BNS, our team members have always been made up of very passionate builders from all over the country. While our Battlebots home base is in Boston, we have team members from California, Maryland, Michigan, and Utah, who all have had their part in making Bloodsport a reality. If you haven’t seen BNS before, we have a youtube page with all our previous years of competing.

I’m proud to say our team is 100% VEX Alumni’s:

  • Justin Marple (myself) - BNS, 1615
  • Aaron Lucas - BNS, CSU, 21
  • Jordan Kiesel - BNS, 24
  • Nik Buchholz - 7581H
  • Griffin “Tabor” Tabor - WPI, GOAT, BNS, 64, 2915a
  • Rebecca Miles - WPI, GOAT

To keep up to date for when we will be fighting, and other exciting news, be sure to give us a like and follow on facebook and instagram!

And here is a little preview of our robot spinning up!

Hope to see you all at Battlebots next year :slight_smile:



Team Ribbot is also a bunch of former educational robotics students.

Karl Ehlers is a DiscoBots Alumni in VEX & FRC.


Ya like 1/2 of the teams have some relationship with FRC and I would be here all day if I was trying to name them.

Edit: that was a bit more snarky than intended. Nick, the guy behind all the electronics on Ribbot, did FRC all through HS and was on the WPI VEXU team with me for a year. Designed and wrote all the code with me for this

Ribbot is a really fun robot, check out this video of it self balancing.


Excited to announce that we have our first fight on Battlebots this Friday. A little teaser for the fight

Here is the full fight card.


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Endgame FTW
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Bloodsport is returning to battlebots tonight. In episode 8, Black Dragon the team that beat us impressed everyone by winning 3 fights in a row so our loss doesn’t look so bad anymore. We also beat Lucky in a judges design after giving them hit after hit for 3 minutes, so our record isn’t looking half bad.

Now we are taking on Breaker Box. A pretty well known robot with a big angled wedge on the front. Big front plows like theirs are our worst case scenario, when our weapon runs into it, its forced upwards and we can be sent flying in the air. Tune in at 8pm on discovery to see how we do.




Go Bloodsport! still a big End Game fan tho. Filming’s in April so you already know who won,but good luck!


You can’t tell @jacko but we are all End Game fans too. You have good taste. :smile:

Our team and theirs have known each other well for 7 years and we wouldn’t have done nearly as good this year at battlebots without all the help and advice they gave.


Clearly, we are also End Game fans.


I’ve got the sticker pack

Well, Bloodsport just aired its battle to try to get into the Top 16 on the East Coast. ooh boy.

No spoilers please! fingers crossed for our boys from VEX tho

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