Benefits of Stacking Motors

I saw another thread about the difference between stacking motors and a normal 6-motor drive. They didn’t fully answer the question I was wondering because the common theme they brought up was how the weight was more and how it saved room. I couldn’t find as much as I hoped on the web either.

Are there any other benefits to having stacked motors? I was specifically wondering if there are any benefits in how it drives. Is it stronger or faster? Someone mentioned less friction.

Stacked motors allows some flexibility when determining your center of gravity. It als allows greater flexibility with space (taking up a longer space versus a cube-like space, more compact)

As for driving, if you look at the catalogue of drivetrain gearings, you will notice how stacking the motors prevents your drivetrain from being so spread out horizontally.


Or you can just attack the motor to the wheel itself. If the gear ration allows you to do it.

(Sorry guys but I like poking fun when people forget to use spell check)

But back to the topic, most gear ratios involve a motor being attached to a gear, and even direct drive ratios involve stacked motors.