Best ball shooting contraption this year


Punchers are slower than both flywheels and catapults.

Change my mind. :slight_smile:


We’ve had a double puncher working for a few months now, pretty fun!



Yes. 574C is always the answer to everything.


At our state championship we actually encountered 2 teams using double punchers, but it was pretty whack. One had two separate punching arms powered by two different motors, set at two angles. The other had the same thing, but two motors powered the same gear train th power the punching arms.

I don’t recall them actually pulling off the double shot however…


All the shooters have their pros and cons. A good double catapult could probably give everyone else a run for their money.


A good anything can give anything a run for their money, all comes down to driver skill and strategy.

unless ur capbot sorry.


Any good shooter can give any other good shooter a run for their money. At Worlds, specifics of the design are kind of irrelevant. It’s speed and accuracy. At this point, a lot of punchers, flywheels, and even at least one kicker can almost get up to 2BC speed.


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Dont h8 on #capgang. They have atleast some sense of regret for their actions.


One word. Descore.|


One word. Pain.


Caps I feel like are going to be the deciding factor at worlds. Skyrise, everyone got so good at the pegs, that the posts started to become more and more relevant as the season went on. I can see the same with flags and caps


Eh. On my count only a single robot at worlds will prioritize caps (us).


You can always change your vote as long as the poll is not closed. If you see the results, click “Hide Results” then click on the option you wanted to choose.
Also, I think this link is relivant :slight_smile: : I would really love to get a poll of everyone's opinions of subsystems so far


Hey hey you’re up to two! :grin:


CapBots OP. Too bad Connor couldn’t be there to represent as WC.