Best ball shooting contraption this year


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double cata gang :call_me_hand:


flywheel gang :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


adjustable puncher gang :triumph:


Just saying, there is a poll function that allows you to post a poll instead of comments and likes. To find it click the settings icon when in the text box when replying,


shooot u right i totally forgot about that man :man_facepalming:


The puncher is the meta, and the angle adjuster won’t be rare at Worlds.
But 2BC FTW!


Me, puncher, but let’s make a poll!

  • Puncher
  • 2 Ball Catapult
  • Flywheel
  • Flinger
  • Striker/Kicker

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I’m sorry to ask, but what’s a flinger


Something I made up to get someone to ask



Ripp i meant to click DC but clicked fw instead ;-;


What about a trebuchet? On a tour, an adult asked us why we were using flywheels instead of a trebuchet. That was a fun explanation. As such, I am inclined to say that a “flinger” as a trebuchet is the best ball shooting contraption, as it would definitely win an award for creativity.


Aw. No representation for #CapGang


unfortunately thats just not a ball shooter:/


watch me


Flywheel with adjustable hood seems pretty op. Remember 169 at WPI? They were looking pretty darn good if you ask me :wink:


waiiiit hold up were they really adjusting their hood? i didnt even realize!!! that would explain what set them so far apart. I had heard rumors about adjustable hoods but wasnt aware anyone was using them. wow


Punchers are less maintenance and keep their power consistent, but if you can get a nice flywheel you can combine it with a vision sensor (or ultrasonics if you are a madlad) and shoot from anywhere on the field and have it hit.


Double puncher. Plans in the works.