Best CAD Software for Chromebook

This is our programs first year, and instead of a laptop with windows, they bought a chromebook. What are some good Cad softwares that can run on a chromebook?

I have been using tinkercad, and onshape can run in web browser. Tinkercad is a bit hard to use sometimes, and I would not try to add screws to your model. I have not used Onshape, but they have some good tutorials for making vex robots.

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Of the commercial CAD software packages, OnShape can run on a Chromebook because it is actually running on the OnShape servers and just using your chromebooks’ browser. Here’s a link to find an “education license”

OnShape link: Onshape | Product Development Platform

Some more information about the various CAD options is here: CAD for VEX Robotics.pdf - Google Drive


Onshape is a fairly good cad software that can run in a browser

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Onshape is an online based program. Try to get a windows based machine as soon as possible so you can run vexcode v5 pro, and other cad softwares such as fusion 360, inventor, etc.


Onshape. I use it, and it is good. here is a link to get started.


I recommend onshape as my vex and FIRST team uses it. It also has a v5 parts library for parts.

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For a Chromebook I highly recommend Fusion 360. It is used on the professional level, and my vex team uses it as well as using it in CAD competitions. All you have to do is make a auto desk account that proves you are a student. You’ll be able to use all of the different CAD software’s that they offer (There’s a lot). On the vex web cite you can downloads any part that they sell, and or use in the comp. You’ll be able to pull it up in the CAD software and do what you wish.

Feel free to comment if you have ay further questions.

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Fusion 360 cannot be run on a chromebook.


Autodesk says it can. No experience of it, just posting the link:


I would like to disagree, as I am using a chromebook for Autodesk. It works great for me!

Both Onshape and Fusion 360 are good programs, and should work fine for almost every need of a VRC team. As a teacher and team mentor, I use Onshape. The pandemic and remote learning was the reason for my move to Onshape, as the reviews I was seeing for Fusion’s application for Chromebooks were awful. I was able to get a free Educational Enterprise from Onshape and found it to be very reliable. To be fair, I never tested out Fusion’s application, and even if the reviews were 100% true I am sure Autodesk has made major improvements since then.
At this point changing back to Fusion is not for me.
Many people like Fusion because it has good CAM capabilities integrated into the software.
Many people don’t like the CAM add-ons you can get for free with Onshape.

The biggest thing I like about Onshape, especially for my classes is the Educational Enterprise. It allows easy collaboration and sharing of work. I can see everything that students do on the system using their analytics because it is 100% cloud based, and I am an administrator in my system. After having it for one year free the cost was $1500 a year, provided we signed up for 2 years.

That being said, you may run into issues without a good internet connection. In 3 years, I have only seen one case where Onshape was not available and it was due to a problem with the internet itself. It sometimes takes a second or two to show changes to the model, and this can create issues with click happy students. I have had issues where drawings don’t want to load, and it is very annoying, but it has only happened at this new school I am at.

In conclusion, Fusion 360 may be better in some technical aspects, but Onshape may be easier to get running and work with in an educational setting.

Well, I hope this helps .


Onshape is really good for chromebook. It might be a little laggy for big projects though.

there is an online version of fusion 360 that can be accessed from the autodesk student page that is optimised for chromebook: You may need a student account for it.

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I’ve done some research on CAD for VEX IQ and VRC… What you’ll find is the CURRENT parts library never maintained by either OnShape or VEX (and I’ve asked VEX for it).
What I like is that OnShape offers education license (see Education Plan | Onshape Product Development Platform). Also, great YouTube from “Jerry Palardy”.
Our (Primary) school district also ran into problems because “parent company” PTC does NOT have an ADA compliance for the product yet published (will show up here soon they say) Section 508 Accessibility Compliance | PTC