Best ramp design

Hey, I have a question about making a ramp on my robot that would serve as the base of my intake system. I have heard about a floating ramp, as of now my ramp is being help on my screws and bars. Could people send how they mounted there ramp etc. So I can get a better idea on how to mount it.

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My team uses a simple plexiglass ramp (using a legal field element from a previous competition)

I had an image, but I cannot find it.

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Here’s ours:

Its two 5 wides with spacing in between that makes it just bigger than a disc.

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Just to clarify, the “legal field element” is actually polycarbonate. “Plexiglass,” another name for Acrylic, is specifically an illegal plastic in the game manual, and it’s not really a good idea to use the term “plexiglass” as a generic term for “clear plastic.”


Attaching C-channels at an angle and screwing polycarbonate onto them works pretty well, but we had to cut off parts of the polycarb so that it wouldn’t scrape the ground. Also note that this only works well when your intake and flywheel are at the same angle.

By the way, it’s not the ramp itself that is “floating”, it’s just the first set of intake rollers that are “floating”.

Oh. Didn’t know that. Will remember to specify later. Thanks!

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thers no way this works… its is way to steep meaning the disc wont have good ramping angle.

Also for the OP Ben for 606x is amazing he has a coule of videos on this:

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We can’t have a gradual slope because our X-Drive doesn’t allow much space.

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