Best rubber bands (tensile strength-wise) to use for a lift?

We have a robot that requires many rubber bands on the lift to relieve stress on the motors, and the ones we are currently using wear out after moderate use. I want to have optimal performance at the State Championship, but constantly replacing rubber bands would not be efficient during competition for us. What brand should we use that has the best tensile strength for a reasonable price?

I can vouch for Alliance brand rubber bands.

+1 on that. We like these orange ones from Alliance.

+1. Alliance Sterling is the best. I usually find Walmart online to be the cheapest. I once got a box for like $5 (I think free in-store pickup too). Just remember “Alliance Sterling” (none of that “Alliance Advantage” stuff) and sizes #32 (thin) or #64 (good).

@Vex 9185

Those look weird but they might be right. I’m not too much of an expert on rubber bands, so someone else might know. If you want to play it safe, go with what Aponthis linked to. I haven’t looked at rubber bands in about a year, so I’m not very aware of the rubber band market right now.

@Vex 9185
Ok. Thanks!

Is there a performance difference between the colors? I bought the blue ones, but the generic Office Depot brand ones seemed to work better for us.

Only use official VEX Hydro™ rubber bands