Best time to fix broken purple dispenser!

Here’s a friendly competition…

One of my best teams today installed the top of the purple dispenser incorrectly and of course, they snapped the shaft. This is the team that won the excellence award at States last year… So I guess anyone could break the thing.

In good fun, I had them time me to see how long it would take me to replace the shaft. I forgot to grab my pliers ahead of time so getting the bit out of the 60 tooth gear took longer than it should have.

My initial time was 3 minutes and 20 seconds, but I realized I forgot two of the one page standoffs at the top. One kid did have the timer still running, so my final time was 4 minutes and 23 seconds. While I hope to never do it again, if I have to do it again I think I could do it in under 2 minutes.

The trouble is is that you can’t properly practice your technique without actually snapping the shaft.

But the next time you see one that is broken, go ahead and post your time!


I’ve been building two more for the last field, in between answering questions for kids during practice, and with distractions and a 7am start time, I think I’m on about 7 hours and about 5 half tear-downs because I keep flipping parts and don’t realize it until I go to combine a step.

Just the tops left to put together on Saturday, and then they’ll be done! I’ll have to try to time myself if I have to fix any at competitions.

Also @sankeydd the topic says ‘people’ dispenser, and it gave me a chuckle. :joy:


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