Beyond the 19" height limit while hanging

According to page 12 of the game manual: “The intent of testing compliance with this rule during inspection is to reduce the need for judgment calls during a Match. The 19” height restriction is not a “virtual ceiling”; for example, it is legal for a portion of the Robot to extend beyond the T-shaped VEX IQ markers while Hanging, so long as it never momentarily extends beyond 19” along the way. If a Head Referee is unsure of a Robot’s compliance with this rule, they may request a field-side height check for the configuration that was seen momentarily during the Match.”

So, if I build a robot that collects all balls into a bucket, then does a hanging on the high bar to raise itself, then extends its arm (beyond the 19" height) to dunk all the balls into the basket. Does it violate the rule?

No, this rule measures the height of the robot, not the height of the bottoms of the field up 19 inches


Has this question being answered officially? It would be interesting to know if team can develop such a robot where it can raise itself up on the high bar (and therefore exceed the 19" ceiling) and dump the balls into the high goal. Of course, the vertical dimension of robot itself will always be within 19" limit.

What is the specific question that you find unclear about G-5 in the game manual (

The “blue box” clarification specifically says there is not a 19" ceiling, as you have implied in your question… The robot cannot exceed an expansion of 19", as measured relative to itself, not relative to any particular elevation above the field.


G-5 is clear. Just that the example the rule quotes is for “hanging”. When robot high-hang, it will most likely exceed the 19" ceiling. G-5 has to clear robot for that. Maybe I am overreading into this. Not sure if G-5 also clears robots that climb the high bar for the purpose of dumping balls into high goal, not for hanging.

Let’s look at the rule specifically:

“at any given moment during the Match, it should be able to fit within an 11” x 19” x 19” (279.4mm x 482.6mm x 482.6mm) rectangular prism.” (from G5 of the game manual).

There is no 19" ceiling rule!* Blue boxes are explanations, not rules, and examples are to help explain, not to set limits. The game manual only gives requirements and prohibitions. It doesn’t attempt to tell you everything you might be able to do to play the game. There is nothing in the manual that says you can’t score balls while hanging; therefore, this would be a legal strategy, provided the robot can fit within an 11" x 19" x 19" rectangular prism during the entire game.

*The 19" ceiling concept is simply the maximum height of a robot when it’s wheels are on the ground, so the referees will have an easier time. When a robot hangs, the referees will have to watch more carefully…this is what the " blue box" is trying to explain.