BLRS 2018-19 Code Reveal

Team BLRS is proud to publicize most of the code for Forkner, the 15" Robot used in the 2018-19 Turning Point Season.

The code can be found in the following repo:

The repo features Odometry, RAMSETE control, Linear Motion Profiling + PID, Kalman Filtering, TBH, and more. These advanced controls topics were essential for the success of our autonomous routines which won in 14 of our 15 matches.

Some of the code for the Odometry and the Adaptive Pure Pursuit control has been removed to preserve our competitive edge and prevent copy/pasting code that really ought to be thoroughly learned; you can find resources for developing these algorithms yourself in the papers linked at the top of their source files.


Thanks for this!
Ramsete and Pure Pursuit were two things I was planning on learning this next season, this will be very helpful in learning how to implement the math.
Thanks for this great resource, and also everything your team does for PROS =)


Wow…this is amazing! I’m so glad I got a chance to speak to you at worlds, before you graduated. Just browsing through the README, and I see so many cool features.

Looking forward to all the things BLRS and PROS has to offer in the coming seasons. (Hopefully I can finally get a sticker too! :smile:)

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