Blue Dispenser / Stretching Mechanism

Hey there! Does anyone have a mechanism for blue dispenser and stretching into the 4 point zone?
Also , gears are slipping on my y fling gearing shooting mechanism. Thanks!

Try reducing the stress on the gears, a starting point is reducing the weight it has to move. An alternative which has worked well on our VRC robot last season was we used rubber bands on the axles to hold the gears together so they couldn’t slip.

Also, if the gears have started to wear (which can happen, especially if the gears are slipping), then replace them after you’ve solved the slipping problem.


Thanks, works amazingly well!

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It is considered impolite to ask for mechanism instructions (other than those provided by VEX) on the forum. I realize you haven’t asked (yet) for instructions on how to build the mechanisms people may have, but I suspect there is at least another question you actually want the answer to, since it’s very unusual for someone to say, “Has anyone made this? … Oh, very nice, thank you, that’s all I wanted to know.”

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Yes. But it is dishonorable to use others designs and everyone who does it is generally hated by both the teams that designed it and the community who sees the blatant copy. Be warned. Also, try using a non-motor mechanism for the contact zone, like the hooks on high hangers in pitching in, rather than combining blue and contact zones.

Bro I wasn’t gonna ask for close ups or build instructions lol. Also VEX is a place to ask questions. Assuming that people just are here to COPY is a bold assumption to make about a team you haven’t met. This isn’t just a place that people copy bots, it’s a place to ask questions. Just letting you know :wink:


Not just, but some people have certainly used it that way.

I’m not going to argue about it any more, regardless of what you were going to do or not and whether you continue to post or not. Good bye.

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It’s not and it’s done all the time. Lots of teams love showing stuff off from code to built metal. Asking is the normal trigger to get that info.

I think what you mean is that people showcase their robots and ask for advice on their own designs, what @242EProgrammer meant was that it’s considered bad to just say “how do you build this”, which maybe officially it’s not looked down upon but considering how made fun of Masanater robloxxer was yeah it’s looked down upon by the community.

Generally, don’t ask for instructions on other peoples designs, ask how they work and how you can improve your own design (after putting thought into it yourself of course, don’t just rely 100% on the forums lol). Other than that welcome to the forums mate

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So it’s OK to ask about how to do something in code, but not with a physical build item? Pretty fine line there.


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Everybody hates those who copy others robots, at least in viqc, and it is considered highly dishonorable. At worlds this year, literally everybody in the top had identical designs, and most had done no innovation/building of themselves, and had adults do the work. By sharing designs, it makes it much harder to have a variety of functional and unique robots than it normally is.

When you try very hard in code and can’t figure soemthing out it makes more sense than asking for instructions randomly on the forums because you don’t feel like doing it yourself


Kids, they are plenty of other old post out there to go complain about copying and what have ya, go pollute those posts with your thoughts. @111A asked a simple question, ‘anyone have any good mechanisms yet?’. If you don’t have anything to contribute to helping him, then just don’t post anything.

@111A - A good response to your question about stretching should have been something like 'might be something like a scissor lift design. Or maybe linear sliders. Or try launching something off a catapult/choo-choo mechanism. ’


@242EProgrammer sorry for any trouble, i didnt word what i meant correctly.

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