Bots n Stuff

Recently the topic of a chatroom for people to talk about vex has come up again. A skype chat has already been created for this and has been in use for a little over a year. What started out as Sky, Murdo, and myself has turned into a constant conversation about robots with by recent count 55 members. This chat is called Bots ‘n’ Stuff due to the nature of the chat and how it ranges in topics from VEX drive trains to Calculus.

If you would like to join just PM on the forum and I will add you to the chat.

remember the good ol’ days :stuck_out_tongue:
i havent been on there in ages, but after finals in 3 weeks, ill be back!
+1 for the “inclusiveness” of this chat group :slight_smile:

I realize that saying it has 55 members makes it sound big and not personal but with time zones, homework and robotics we rarely have 10 people all trying to talk at once. At any given time there are probably 6 people online actively talking. The nice thing about skype is that with notification settings you can go about your day normally and then when keywords such as your name or team number are “spoken” skype will notify you.

In addition to Vexforum PMs to join you can also add tabor473 on skype and message me your team number and I will add you to Bots ‘n’ Stuff.

Andrew gives me the Spark Notes on you guys.

Nevertheless you can add me, codysmith105, if you want and you can all come play on my Minecraft server if you like (because we all know that 90% of robotics kids love Minecraft).


My son want’s you to whitelist flyboy97 on your server?

It’s an open server, you just need the IP. Which I guess I’ll PM you.

how does the big ball intake work.:smiley:


Its a group of 90+ people. We have a lot of different intakes.

can some one add me please? my user name is: Stanley Shi (7793R)

Done. :slight_smile:


Does anyone mind adding me as well? My username is ‘aakash5776’


Could someone add me as well?
My username is: Hareesh5776c

Thank You!!

Since this thread is back up close to the top, how do you do this? Tried looking for it when I first joined but was never able to find it.

Notification settings
Notify me when …

On Phone go to options and turn notifications off.

When I get home I’ll add the above people. Adding people is glitchy on phone and I’m in AP physics right now.

Can I join as well? I’m starting to wonder what I’m missing out on.

Username: dracothedragon14

Add me (ruiqim) on Skype and I’ll add you to Bots ‘n’ Stuff.

+1 on being added please! My skype is taylor.sluiter (7173). It would be great to get into a actual discussion with some intelligent minds instead of the usual team talk of “just put that metal there and I think it’ll work” haha

I would enjoy being added as well, kevin.selavko

I know I haven’t always been the most liked in the Bots n Stuff community. However I would appreciate if I could be added. My Skype username is: aj99mac


Sounds awsome, I would to be involved.

Skype name: CRL_WTE