Brain is not connecting AT ALL

We have a brain that is not connecting at all to the computer. It is plugged into the computer, but the option to select the brain is not showing up on VEXPro V5. We have tried different cables, a different brain, and even putting the code onto another computer, but it still isn’t working. Any ideas why it isn’t connecting?

P.S. This is my first time posting, sorry if I’m accidentally rude or anything :sweat_smile:

USB port may be broken (mechanically - short or broken off of board). Is the brain seen if you plug into a V5 Joystick Controller that is paired with V5 Brain in question?

Also, what does Device View show on Brain?

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If it’s a school-managed computer it could be that the USB ports are blocked by the school. You would need to contact your IT person who can probably change the setting to whitelist VEX devices.


We think this may be the issue. Thank you!

For future reference, the problem was that the brain will only connect to the VEXcode V5 website. We were able to get our code to connect through the website, rather than the downloaded version.

Our other problem is that our school computers won’t let us update to the latest version of V5 Pro because we need admin permission. We have not gotten a response from our school IT person yet.