Brain not connecting to computer help

My team had problem connecting brain to my computer today. We’ve been programming and suddenly computer stopped reconizing the brain(we did realize the connections having hard time connecting before but it wasnt bad). We tried using different wires and different usb ports but it did not work. So I was going to use robot mesh for wireless download. Is robot mesh wireless downloading viable? And how different is robot mesh from VCS?

Also , it will be great if you guys can help me connect with wire, and is it possible to wirelessly download from VCS to brain?

Thank you so much for reading this long text.

You could try re-installing the driver if you think that’s the issue. Here’s how to do that

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I know it might be simple, but have you guys checked if the battery is connected to the brain?

Yah we did. Is there such thing as VCS wireless downloading?

Would that delete our existing program? Because we have competition this saturday and I do not want to mess with our program

No, it won’t delete the program. It just installs the driver for the brain. The driver is sorta like a translator between your computer and brain. So if your computer doesn’t recognize it that could be why.

Thank you so much!!
Im so sorry to bother you but one more question…my case isnt that it suddenly stopped working… It gradually happened. Is this still viable for the solution youve mentioned?

So let me get this straight…

Over time it started not connecting more and more frequently. Now it won’t connect at all.

You might have just broken the port by plugging and unplugging the wire so much. We use these so we don’t wear the ports out. If that does happen there isn’t much you can do unfortunately.

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Change the brain that helped me

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