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My season is over, I made it state but came up short. It is my first season and as the builder, before the next game is released I want some challenges to learn some new building techniques for next season. If you have any ideas.

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Ooooh, I have an idea for you.

A few years ago, @KeplerElectronics made a working replica of Tombstone out of Vex Parts, using the cortex. (Here is the vid:
*** Tombstone***
Anyway, perhaps you could create a replica of Tombstone, using the V5 system and with 600 RPM Cartidage Motors.

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I apologize for my first answer, but perhaps if you haven’t already, you could learn how to build and program a DR4B, 6 bar lift scissor lift, Mecanum drive base, x-drive, etc.

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I would suggest building a robot for a past game(s) so you can get practice with stuff and concepts that may be useful in upcoming challenges. If your team doesn’t have any past game elements, you could try asking another team. If that still doesn’t work, then maybe buy a scoring element from a past year and build a robot for that. Just the scoring element kit isn’t very expensive (usually under $20), so that should be doable.

As for the design that you might want to go for with a past game, I would suggest looking on YouTube or something at the robots that did really well (try searching something like “VEX [game title] finals” or something like that).

Like @SOTRobotics said, practicing building various types of drivetrains, lifts, and any other mechanism that might be useful can be very beneficial. Good luck!


You could also learn CAD to help out with this. I currently do not have access to parts right now, but am in the same kind of situation as you, so I am using CAD to try to learn different types of mechanisms.


OOH I am totally taking you up on this offer.

To answer the OP, I would definitely go for an X drive. Being able to construct this type of drive is a very useful skill to have. Build it right, and you programmer and driver will thank you. Build it wrong and it is a struggle.

Plus it impresses the judges.


I would actually advise against trying an x drive unless you have someone with a good level of programming knowledge to help you. An x drive is never necessary to play the game, and is really only better than a standard tank drive when you have a good driver/programmer.

instead, I would suggest you learn CAD skills. The ability to CAD a robot before you build is an extremely valuable skill, and in the long run this will do more to help you improve your build quality and design ability than any single building project will.

You can also learn a ton of valuable build quality knowledge right here on the forums, there are many topics that go into detail on building techniques.

here’s a pretty good one that’s active right now

and if you stick around and read topics you’ll definitely pick up a lot of building tips.


Yeah I do the same. I use Fusion360 for personal and I create many different types of things like ratchets, drivetrains, robots, etc. It is a very useful skill because judges like to see that you can CAD and post some of the CAD in you notebook.

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