BWHS Robotics Change Up Season Recap

Hello All,

After a season with its fair share of weirdness, Bentonville West High School Robotics teams 33691A & 33691B from Centerton, AR present their joint robot reveal/season recap.

It has been a successful season for us despite the challenges, 33691A were AR State Tournament Champions and Excellence Award recipients, and team 33691B was the Innovate Award winner. Additionally, our Girl Powered team 38972C qualified for the state championship for the first time since ITZ.

Thank you to the folks at Arkansas Tech University for supporting the VRC program in the state of Arkansas, and for all the work that went into making this season happen despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. A special shoutout to team 5691Z from Bryant High School for aligning with us at AR State and team 1965Z from Lincolnshire, IL for being an awesome alliance partner at worlds.

We are excited to get started with VRC Tipping Point and anxiously await what will hopefully be a return to a normal season with in-person events and most importantly, an in-person world championship in Dallas!

So without further due, enjoy our season recap video and we hope to see y’all in Dallas next spring!

33691A Robot Specs

4M 360RPM Drive
2M 600RPM Intakes
1M 900RPM Indexer
1M 1200RPM Flywheel

33691B Robot Specs

4M 200RPM X-Drive
2M 400RPM Intakes
1M 600RPM Indexer
1M 1000RPM Flywheel