Byte bot Printable Instructions?

The step by step instructions with the 3D view is great and helped me build it (because I could easily spin it around to make sure I was putting stuff in the right spot) for our end of season party to let the kids play the new game. I wish the PDF instructions were not just a screenshot of the 3D instructions. It was very lazily done IMO. I want paper instructions like they have for previous bots as giving out iPads during summer camp is not feasible.

I want a part list because we planned on building kits for summer camp that has everything the kids would need to assemble the bots. Because there’s not, we’re opting to use the Clawbot instead. Clawbot has paper instructions with all the listed parts required, so it’s much easier to build those kits to be ready to go in a month for camp

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Does anyone know if the Byte Bot build instructions include an overall parts list?
I’m just curious.

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Negative, which is why I’m annoyed

It does not currently

That is ridiculous!!

I cannot believe that it doesn’t have a list of parts needed to build this robot out of the VEX IQ (2nd gen) Competition Kit. The VEX IQ (2nd gen) Competition Kit is only required to build the kit and I cannot imagine that not knowing exactly what contents that kit is made up from!

I mean, we do know that the IQ (2nd gen) Competition Kit is comprised of the VEX IQ Education Kit
(2nd generation)
and the VEX IQ Competition Kit (2nd generation).

And if only we could know exactly what was in the VEX IQ Education Kit (2nd Generation) Bill of Materials and the VEX IQ Competition Kit (2nd Generation) Bill of Materials.

Alas, we may never know.


Maybe if we ask nice, one of the teams that has built the robot for this years game can take a picture of the parts that are left over. Then using the links to the BOM list we could work backwards.

It’s the same for the field assemblies as well. They are trash this year. Its harder to build things without the original layout.

What does this even mean?

How are the instructions “trash”? They are nearly identical to previous years in PDF format. In fact, they are far superior to instructions in previous years. I mean, compare it to the Change Up instructions. These are fantastic. And then in ADDITION they provided an entire 3D model that you can zoom, rotate, and pan on each individual step and view in literally whatever orientation you want.

Is your entire complaint this?

If so, I have your solution <3


I don’t think anyone here is looking for “exactly what contents” the entire gen2 competition kit is “made up from”. Sure, the bill of materials for the gen2 kits can be used as a general reference for what parts are used to build ‘Byte’, but how many of each part? Many of the components of the gen2 competition kits also came in the gen1 super kits, and many parts are available to purchase outside of the complete kits, so it’s possible we have everything needed to build ‘Byte’ on hand even though we own a mix of kits and extra parts.

Does ‘Byte’ use plastic sheets? What about 1x4 Single-Ended Ball Socket Beams? If so, how many? Does it use the both the small and large 2x Pitch Drop Cams? Doesn’t look like there are any 2x Wide, 5x Pitch Diameter Balloon Tires…but those are in the VEX IQ (2nd gen) Competition Kit Bill of Materials, so they must all be used to build ‘Byte’ according to this logic?

Alas, we may never know.


This^ If there was just a list of which parts and how many of each part, it would make it so much easier to build kits for camps


I put together a (probably flawed) parts list- I also have a camp coming up. You’re welcome to use it if it helps.

Hero Bot “Byte” '23-'24 Parts (All/Groups)