Byte bot Printable Instructions?

Are there any printable build instructions for the new Byte bot? We plan on using this bot for our Summer camp next month to teach the younger scholars how to build but that will be extremely difficult if only the digital instructions are available.


We are using iPads for building instructions.

We don’t have enough to accommodate 70+ students. We only have 5 that actually function with our network (used mainly for our competitions we host)

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Following, also interested in PDF instructions.

In addition, will there be a release for building a version of this robot with Generation 1 parts?

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I am also interested in a Gen1 build especially for the summer camp. Gen2 is too expensive to have enough kits for everyone

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I had a couple of students build the bot. It’s a bit of a beast, and generally much better build quality than we typically get out of an IQ Hero bot. It doesn’t pick up the red cube, though. And there’s not really an easy way to modify it to make it so it can easily pick up the red cubes. (I’m taking the word of my students on that one.)

However, this requires a Gen 2 kit. I know that making a model that works for both Gen 1 and 2 would be tricky… But I wish a generic bot could be available.

I think I’ll be using the original claw bot with the kids in my summer camp in late June. It is a great trainer and it will work with the parts that I have. It’s also easy to modify.


The V2 Hero bot has parts that don’t come in the V1 kit. (Shocks, flywheel weight, etc) Maybe someone like @Sidoti will post what the delta parts are. But with the direction of selling V2 kits, I assume we will not see any more V1 heroes.

I’m going for LINQ from here IQ Build Instructions - Downloads - IQ - VEX Robotics

I think it can scoop, and with some minor changes can get the blocks into the goals. I need to build one to detail it out.

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@Foster. I am not employed by VEX or IFI. I am not able to answer questions like these any easier than you are.

Respectfully, please stop pinging me for requests like these.


Sorry, you seem to have had a good grasp on the VEXIQ parts and what went where. Sorry to have annoyed you.

Following along. Our organization is interested in both printable and gen1 instructions. Seems like there’s a lot of discussion outside of the forum on gen2 vs gen1, so if anyone comes across good ideas on modification to Byte to make with gen1 parts please advise!

Byte is defiantly not a bot that can be built quickly or from the, much smaller, Gen1 Parts set.
It is geared to be more of a competitive robot using the competition kit.

It is possible to get all the Gen2 parts without buying Gen2 electronics here
It is much cheaper than buying Gen2 with electronics.

The Gen 1 Clawbot and Classroom kit Clawbot are able to play the game reasonably well. As such there is not plans to make a Gen1 Hero bot for this game. If Gen1 Clawbots cannot play the game it is
planned that there will be a Gen1 Hero.

PDF Instructions are in the works and will be posted next to the 3d instructions link when finished.

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There are also other good 1st Gen builds that are a good starting point. Stretch and Clutch are both good starting points for a 1st Gen Super Kit.

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Thanks for the reply. For some organizations the extra $339 to add the gen2 parts kits for each team still isn’t feasible, and we do have about half gen2 now but not all are the “competition” kits so those still would need the $199 ad on. We’ll make do with what we have. For the newer and younger teams that like to start with a hero bot to learn we’ll show them the other claw and arm bots to start with. The highly competitive teams probably aren’t going to build Byte anyway, so maybe they can lend some parts to the other teams once the PDF with parts list is ready.

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There is now a download and printable version Available from the Iq documentation website

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Will the PDF be updated to include an overall parts list and per-step instructions like the other builds?

I don’t see anything in the Instruction Manual about the parts list . Here is the Byte Instruction Manual
VexBYTEBOT.pdf (86.9 MB)

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I hope they do update the build to include a parts list and per-step instructions like the other builds. The other builds are so much easier to follow and understand for an elementary-aged student. This new set of instructions will be very confusing and overwhelming to that age, especially to students new to robotics.

Last week, I observed a 9-year-old assemble the Byte robot independently using the newly released instructions. She was swift in deciphering the instructions, with the feature to rotate and zoom being particularly beneficial. This allowed her to revisit sections of the instructions, ensuring she had a clear understanding of how the parts connected.

Based on this experience, the new instructions offered improvements over the older static instructions.


It is definitely an improvement but the fact there is no parts list is sad on their part

I’m not 9, and I also like the new instruction format being able to spin stuff makes it pretty easy.

@Cookies did you want an overall parts list? The step by step is pretty clear on things you need for that step.