C++ for VEX IQ now with Robot Mesh Studio

We are happy to announce that C++ programming has now come to the VEX IQ with Robot Mesh Studio. Program online at no cost at www.robotmesh.com/studio. Choose New Project, VEX IQ and C++ to code with the power of object-oriented C++.



  • BETA means that the software is fully functional, but that we may change the API (classes and commands) before calling it a version 1.0
  • The C++ class library for IQ is similar to the library available for V5
  • New versions of Blockly and Python, using the new commands matching the C++ library. This provides a consistent programming environment for both VEX IQ and VEX V5
  • Currently only available online, standalone desktop support will be available by September 2019
  • Multi-threaded. Create multiple threads using vex::thread, but be mindful that memory (RAM) is small on VEX IQ, so use threads sparingly.
  • Two (large 64KiB) slots can be used to download programs on the VEX IQ Brain. [Note using Robot Mesh Studio C++ programs will erase other user programs on the brain].

For more information, see our API docs at https://www.robotmesh.com/docs/vexiq-cpp_b/html/namespacevex.html and user guide at https://docs.robotmesh.com/home.

Please give your feedback here, or over at https://forum.robotmesh.com

Robot Mesh Studio (online) can be used on Windows PC, Apple Mac, Linux and Chromebooks to program VEX IQ. VEX Cortex and VEX V5!

We look forward to seeing what you code!


Now with Vision Sensor support, too! Click here to see an example program and get started coding.

Instructions for using the Vision Sensor in Robot Mesh Studio in C++ for IQ can be found here.



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